Disable access to Office 365 services while assigning user licenses with PowerShell

Managing user accounts, licenses, and the selective access to specific services in Microsoft Office 365 is an important and ongoing administrative responsibility. Although many of these management tasks can be done in the Office Admin center, some of these can only be done with Microsoft PowerShell commands from the Windows Azure Active Directory Module.

Disable access to services while assigning user licenses is a new article that describes how to use PowerShell disable access to specific Office 365 services while you are assigning licenses. The article includes separate PowerShell command blocks for an individual user and for multiple users through a comma-separated value (CSV) text file.

This procedure is valuable when you are adding users and want to assign customized licenses with specific services disabled.

An existing article, Disable access to services with Office 365 PowerShell, tells you how to disable services for users that are already licensed.


A big thank you to Siddhartha Parmar, a Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer, who developed the initial content and the PowerShell commands upon which this new article is based.


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