Join us for the May 2017 CAAB Webinar

The May 2017 Cloud Adoption Advisory Board (CAAB) webinar was a Skype meeting that opened at 7:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Wednesday, May 31. It began promptly at 8:00 AM and ran to 9:00 AM. There was time for discussion during the session, and the speakers were available for a few minutes after the session for additional questions….


New Test Lab Guide for an isolated SharePoint Online team site

SharePoint Online team sites in Office 365 allow you to quickly and easily create new sites for public (organization-wide) or private (confined to group membership) collaboration. To create one, you fill out two panes of information about the new site. The Let’s create a team site and group pane collects the team site name (which…


Updates for the new Azure Active Directory V2 PowerShell module

User and group account maintenance is an important part of Office 365 administration. For Office 365 PowerShell, the Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell has been available for years. This module contains cmdlets to connect and to manage user accounts, groups, and licenses. More recently, the Azure Active Directory (AD) product team has…


Yes, you can put “toxic” data in Office 365

As a writer for our enterprise customers at Microsoft I understand how challenging it can be to sort out security capabilities, especially for the most sensitive data, often referred to as “toxic” data. This is trade secret, highly regulated, classified, or any type of data a customer wants to ensure remains encrypted and undecipherable to…

Get the new Federated Authentication for Office 365 in Azure Deployment Kit

To assist you in creating the Azure infrastructure and configuring the servers for high-availability federated authentication for Office 365 in this configuration: Use the Federated Authentication for Office 365 in Azure Deployment Kit, a ZIP file in the TechNet Gallery that contains the following files: O365FedAuthInAzure_Figures.vsdx and O365FedAuthInAzure_Figures.pptx – Microsoft Visio and Microsoft PowerPoint files…