Updated Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster includes a new enterprise scenario

The Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster has been updated with a new page for enterprise cloud scenarios that address Contoso’s business problems.


The first enterprise cloud scenario is Contoso’s upgrade to SQL Server 2016 and the use of Stretch Database to offload and store cold transactional data to Azure, which was covered in the CAAB August 2016 webinar.

The Moving historical transaction data to the cloud enterprise scenario describes Contoso’s business and IT needs, the process of adoption, and the resulting infrastructure and benefits.


What do you think?

  • Are these enterprise scenarios interesting to see how cloud features and services solve business and IT problems?
  • Are there additional enterprise cloud scenarios you would like to see for the Contoso Corporation?

Please let us know by leaving a comment on this blog post or sending a quick email to caab@microsoft.com.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

The Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster is now available as a set of articles on TechNet, which you can access here.


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  1. Tama Whiu says:

    Hi Joe, Thanks, these resources are very helpful when planning individual, multiple, collective and cross-cutting cloud aspects. It also helps discussions amongst teams/disciplines.

    1. Joe Davies says:

      Hi Tama, Thanks so much for letting us know! More enterprise cloud scenarios are on the way. Joe

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