New poster for the Multi-Geo Preview for OneDrive in Office 365

Multi-geo capabilities are coming to Office 365, which means that Office 365 will support the use of both: A single tenancy (also known as a subscription) that is tied to one Microsoft datacenter. To adhere to regional data residency requirements, the storage of user data in regional Microsoft datacenters. OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online…


New poster to deploy a modern and secure desktop with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft’s modern and secure desktop solution is a combination of: Windows 10 – The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is truly Windows as a Service, representing a new standard for deploying new features and maintaining the security of your desktop, laptop, or tablet in response to the latest threats. Office 365 ProPlus – The…


Seven free LinkedIn Learning courses on Office 365 for IT pros and admins

If you are relatively new to Office 365 deployment or administration or know someone who is, take a look at the new set of LinkedIn Learning courses at Microsoft Cloud: Explore Cloud Services Office 365: Deployment Office 365: Administration Office 365: Manage Identities Using Azure AD Connect Microsoft Cloud Services: Administer Office 365 and…


High availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure deployment content updated

The content for deploying a high-availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure steps you through creating and configuring the following: This content has been updated for the use of: Azure managed disks instead of storage accounts  Managed disks are an easier and more scalable way to add operating system and data disks to Azure virtual machines….


Updated Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster includes Secure SharePoint Online sites enterprise scenario

The Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster has been updated with the following: The latest information and links. A new enterprise scenario that describes how the Contoso Corporation is using the Secure SharePoint Online sites and files solution for collaboration on sensitive and highly confidential digital assets. The Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster examines how the…


New Secure SharePoint Online Sites and Files solution for Microsoft 365 Enterprise

The new Secure SharePoint Online Sites and Files solution for Microsoft 365 Enterprise gives you a technical overview and the step-by-step deployment instructions to quickly set this up for your organization: Here are the main elements of the configuration: There are four types of SharePoint Online team sites—Public, Private, Sensitive, and Highly Confidential— with decreasing…


Updated Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects poster

The Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects poster has been updated with the latest information and links to resources. It can help you understand how Microsoft’s cloud offerings support storage using a building construction analogy: Move-in ready cloud storage options are bundled with existing cloud-based services, which you can use immediately and with minimal configuration. Some assembly…


New video for the Azure-based federated authentication for Office 365 deployment

The high availability federated authentication for Office 365 in Azure deployment has a new video. This video has three main sections: The components and infrastructure of federated authentication (client, relying party, security token service, identity provider). The deployment of a high availability federated authentication for Office 365 in Azure as described in the articles. The authentication process…


“Experience the Microsoft Cloud with Cloud Adoption Test Lab Guides” Microsoft Virtual Academy course

For a guided tour of content that helps you quickly ramp up on Microsoft’s cloud offerings, take the Experience the Microsoft Cloud with Cloud Adoption Test Lab Guides Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) course at This 20-minute, single-lesson course steps you through: The value of using prescriptive, modular Test Lab Guide (TLG) documents for technical…


New Microsoft 365 Enterprise dev/test environment

The new Microsoft 365 Enterprise product offering combines Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and Windows 10 Enterprise for a complete, intelligent solution that provides the latest in collaboration and security desktop and cloud technologies. To begin testing scenarios for Microsoft 365 Enterprise, create the Microsoft 365 Enterprise dev/test environment, which consists of: An Office…