Ten new training sessions on Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365

If you are considering the use of ExpressRoute to augment your organization’s network connection to Office 365 or are in the planning stages, take a look at the new Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 Training page on Channel 9. Microsoft experts from Office 365 and Azure present the following sessions to help you understand, plan, and…


Office 365 Secure Score overview and demonstration

How do you know the current level of security for your Office 365 subscription? Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score helps you understand the extent to which you have adopted robust security configurations, behaviors, and best practices in your Office 365 subscriptions. Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score: Places all the existing security-relevant features of Office 365 in one place….


Nine architecture posters are now available in ten new languages

The following posters: Microsoft Cloud Solutions and Platforms Options Microsoft Cloud Identity for Architects Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise Architects Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Architects Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud Information Protection for Office 365 SharePoint 2016 Architecture Models are now available…


Design Azure infrastructure services to host a multi-tier LOB application

Deploying typical multi-tier line of business (LOB) applications as virtual machines in Azure is a combination of what you already know and new information about the networking, storage, and compute elements of Azure infrastructure services. To help you figure it all out, determine the design of the Azure environment by addressing the following: Resource groups…


Calculating the gateway subnet address space for Azure virtual networks

A virtual network (VNet) in Azure infrastructure services that is connected to other networks must have a gateway subnet, which contains the systems that exchange packets with other networks. Here is an example of a multi-tier application hosted in an Azure virtual network that contains a gateway subnet. The best practices for defining this subnet are the following: For the…