CAAB community forum has moved from a group to a space

To provide a much better experience, we have moved the CAAB community forum from a group in the new Microsoft Tech Community to the CAAB (Cloud Adoption Advisory Board) space within the Deploying Cloud community.

The URL to the CAAB space is Alternately, you can use the shortened URL, which we recommend for your browser bookmarks.

To navigate to this space from anywhere within the Microsoft Tech Community:

  1. Click the menu icon next to Microsoft Tech Community, and then click Communities.
  2. From the Communities list, click Deploying Cloud.
  3. From the Deploying Cloud community, click the CAAB (Cloud Adoption Advisory Board) space.


You’ll find all the CAAB resources that we have previously published in the announcement named “Resources”.  This announcement will always be at the top for easy access to CAAB resources such as webinar slide decks, recordings, and IM streams.

This new community venue is THE forum for discussions in the CAAB going forward so please jump in! You must register and sign in if you want to post or reply to conversations and anonymous browsing is enabled.

Please send the link to anyone you think might like to take part in the conversation about adopting a cloud-inclusive IT infrastructure.

Sorry about the haphazard way this transition occurred, but using a space over a group is the best option for hosting public conversations about cloud adoption.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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