Office 365 Enterprise and EMS test lab guide stack now available

Many organizations are finding that the combination of Office 365 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) allows their users to be productive and secure, even when they use iOS and Android-based tablet computers. If you find that a compelling proposition and want to experience the combined environment before rolling it out in your organization, see the Office 365 Enterprise and EMS test lab guide (TLG) stack.


The Office 365 Enterprise and EMS TLG stack is a set of articles that take you through the detailed steps to:

  • Build a simplified intranet with its own Windows Server Active Directory forest (optional).
  • Add an Office 365 Enterprise E5 trial subscription.
  • Install and configure Azure AD Connect to synchronize the intranet’s Windows Server AD forest with the Azure AD tenant of the Office 365 Enterprise E5 trial subscription (optional).
  • Configure and demonstrate Advanced Security Management, Advanced Threat Protection, and Advanced eDiscovery for Office 365 Enterprise.
  • Add an EMS trial subscription.
  • Configure and demonstrate mobile application management policies for iOS and Android devices.
  • Enroll iOS or Android devices and demonstrate remote management with the Intune portal.

There are two variations of this stack:

  • The lightweight configuration just includes the Office 365 and EMS trial subscriptions. Use this configuration to more quickly get to the features you want to demonstrate or when you are not doing application development or testing.
  • The simulated enterprise configuration includes the simplified intranet hosted in Azure infrastructure services and directory synchronization using Azure AD Connect. Use this configuration when you want a separate set of computers with which to experiment or to install applications without consequence to your main computer. Here is the simulated enterprise configuration.


With this new stack, you can quickly create a free dev/test environment for demonstration or evaluation, for training others, or for application development. You simply start at the bottom of the stack and work your way up to the configuration that best suits your needs.


If there is a feature or configuration that you would like to see in the future, please let us know at

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