New "Security in a Cloud-Enabled World" Microsoft Virtual Academy course

Good afternoon SAB,

Mark Simos, an Architect in Microsoft Cybersecurity, and Tim Rains, a Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, have created a new "Security in a Cloud-Enabled World" Microsoft Virtual Academy course.

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Here is the course description in their own words:

  • Are you securing IT assets in a public or hybrid cloud? Concerned about increasing cybersecurity threats? You’ve found the right course! Get insights into Microsoft learnings from responding to customer cybersecurity incidents and from helping customers to defend their cloud assets and to manage the shared security responsibility for cloud services.

There are eight modules:

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Trustworthy Cloud Provider
  3. Roadmap 1: Security Strategy, Governance, and Operationalization
  4. Roadmap 2: Administrative Control
  5. Roadmap 3: Information and Data Security
  6. Roadmap 4: User Identity and Device Security
  7. Roadmaps 5-8: Application, Network, OS, and Fabric Security
  8. Summary

What's cool about this new course is that it is based on material in the Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise Architects poster, which Brenda Carter previewed in the August 2014 SAB Webinar.

Download it at This is a multi-page poster that you can easily print on 11 x 17 (also known as Tabloid format) paper.

Take a look at the entire set of Microsoft Cloud IT Architecture posters at



Joe Davies


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