SAB July 2015 webinar announcement

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, we will hold the ninth Solutions Advisory Board (SAB) webinar. SAB webinars are one hour and consist of brief presentations followed by time for open feedback.

Here are some changes for this webinar that we would like to try out:

  • One session, instead of two. Why?  We think that the conversations that occur during the session will be more beneficial if more people have the opportunity to participate in them, so we thought we would try getting everyone together in one group.  We will still post the recording in the SAB Yammer network, along with the slides.    
  • We are using this session to deliver a live Virtual Design Time Session (VDTS).  A VDTS is basically free consulting with Microsoft Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on a proposed technical design to a business problem you have.  This session will run for the 60 minutes, but normally they are 90+ minutes long.  We have pre-selected a design scenario from SAB members for the July webinar so you can sit in on a VDTS for yourself and see how it goes.  Our goal is to offer VDTS as a benefit of SAB membership.  It would be something you sign up for, we find the SMEs and we schedule a time to meet.  These VDTS can be private or open to the whole SAB membership.  We will record VDTS and will post ones that are open to the whole SAB membership in the SAB Yammer network. 

We have been offering Design Time Sessions for years at industry conferences and they are immensely popular. We always get more requests for Design Time Sessions than can possibly be delivered in the short time available at a conference.  We are excited to bring these into the SAB and hope that you are too!

The Lync Meeting will open at 7:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time. The session will begin promptly at 8:00 AM and run to 9:00 AM. There will be time for questions during the session, and the speakers are usually available for a few minutes after the session if you have any additional questions.

We are anxious to hear your feedback on VDTS to help us refine this effort going forward.

We would love to have your participation. Let us know if you have something to present in a future SAB webinar at

Thanks and see you on the 16th!


Note: By participating in this webinar you agree that Microsoft may record and use this session for internal purposes only.


To receive an invitation to an SAB Webinar, you must be an SAB member. To join the SAB, send an email-based request to Please feel free to include any information you want about your experience in creating solutions with Microsoft products or areas of interest. Join now and get in the solutions discussion that is happening across Microsoft and the industry.

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