The Automate file collection for eDiscovery Solution is LIVE

If you need a simple, out-of-the-box mechanism to collect files from your user's computers for eDiscovery (or any other reason), see the Automate file collection for eDiscovery Solution.

Thanks to all the Solutions Advisory Board (SAB) members for helping vet the ideas that went into this Solution, but especially Steve Rubin, Alun Rogers and Dean Gross.

Here’s an excerpt:

What this solution does

This solution uses a global security group, Group Policy, and a Windows PowerShell script to locate, inventory, and collect content and Outlook personal store (PST) files from users’ local computers to a hidden file share. From there, the PST files can be imported into either Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Online. All files are then moved using a System Center Orchestrator 2012 R2 runbook to another file share in Microsoft Azure for long-term storage and indexing by SharePoint 2013. You then use eDiscovery centers in your on-premises SharePoint 2013 deployment or in SharePoint Online as you regularly would to perform eDiscovery.

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Chris Fox
Senior Content Developer

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