Closing the loop: New simulated hybrid cloud test environment is based on your feedback

Greetings SAB Members,

At the August 2014 SAB Webinar, I presented a new set of Azure-based, hybrid cloud test environments and got your input on their utility, design, and configuration options. I previously blogged about the initial article that you can use to build a simulated line of business application.

During the webinar, I presented three configuration variations for the simulated on-premises network:

  • Test lab connected to the Internet
  • Hosted on a Hyper-V server
  • Hosted in an Azure virtual network

To address the last variation, I have published the Set up a simulated hybrid cloud environment for testing topic, which builds a simulated on-premises network in a separate Azure virtual network and then connects them with a VNet-to-VNet connection. Here is the configuration:

This simulated configuration allows you to create a hybrid cloud in the cloud, so to speak. Once the base configuration is up, deploying workloads in the TestVNET virtual network is the same as if you had an on-premises Corpnet subnet.

For example, you could use the Set up a web-based LOB application in a hybrid cloud for testing topic to create the following:

In Phase 1 of the topic, you build the simulated hybrid cloud. In Phases 2 and 3, you build the SQL server and IIS-based LOB server.

Thanks again for your feedback, which made this new topic possible!



Joe Davies
Senior Content Developer


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Comments (2)

  1. This should be fully automated. There are too many manual steps. When we could use Azure Automation runbook(s) to create (and destroy) this lab then we would have the real solution. Automation of the Azure virtual networking is still one of the weakest

  2. Joe Davies says:

    I agree Aleksander. I am working on turning this environment into an Azure template for the Preview Portal. Stay tuned.

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