Azure presentation materials in the Azure Readiness Content download

Hey present or future Azure fans,

I have always been a big fan of Microsoft publishing presentation materials so that you don't have to spend time creating these materials from scratch. For example, when you start with a Microsoft-published PowerPoint deck on a product, feature, technology, or solution, you can use them as is or customize them for a specific audience or purpose. Use them with the confidence that they contain the right emphasis, messaging, graphics (with some cool animations!), and are technically accurate (as of their publication date).

To this end, I am very pleased to inform you that for Microsoft Azure, there are a set of great slide decks for Azure technologies and scenarios in the Azure Readiness Content download.

Note that you can also get the set of icons for Azure services that Microsoft uses in much of its documentation by downloading the Azure Symbol/Icon set.

I hope these resources are useful to you.


Comments (4)

  1. Eric Skaggs says:

    Very nice! There’s an unbelievable amount of great content in these.

  2. anders stefan says:

    nice – shy of actual throughput then again wouldnt put it past any one plus soon an upgrade to 4.0 edr on 4.1 ultra low loss where changing station frequently between platforms ‘bragda’ some quiet moments overall thrilled to keep posted

  3. Chris says:

    Link seems to be dead, is there a new download location for this content?

    1. Joe Davies says:

      Hi Chris, I updated the link to point to the archived GitHub location at Note that these materials are a bit dated. Joe

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