SPOTLIGHT: The Power BI – Getting Started Guide and storytelling techniques in solutions content

Check out the new Power BI - Getting Started Guide.


This topic from David Iseminger and others on the SCI Data App Content team uses storytelling techniques, such as creating a story world and premise and defining characters and their goals to follow throughout, to guide you through a set of tasks. David is a published non-fiction and fiction writer (I'm so jealous :>).

What’s interesting about this approach is that it uses a third-person, character-driven narrative and covers common gotchas and missteps that you might encounter. Give it a read. Unlike the detached “technical writing” that Microsoft typically produces, this content pulls you in like…a story.

Question for SAB members:

  • Although this content is more of a tutorial, what do you think of this approach for solutions content? For example, this could be used for hands-on learning in the evaluation content of a large end-to-end solution or for an example implementation.

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