SPOTLIGHT: Solutions at a glance with the SharePoint 2013 and Lync 2013 Platform Options posters

Platform Options posters give you an immediate visual sense of the ways that a product can be deployed, either by itself or in conjunction with other products.  Here are the two published so far:

SharePoint 2013 Platform Options

This poster shows various combinations of SharePoint 2013 deployment, including hybrid with SharePoint Online in Office 365 and hosting SharePoint farms and sites in Windows Azure.

Lync 2013 Platform Options

This poster shows the combinations of Lync 2013 deployment, including Lync Online with Office 365, hybrid deployments with Lync Online in Office 365, Lync Server on-premises, and integration with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online,and on-premises Exchange 2013 Server.

Questions for SAB members:

  • What do you think of these new posters?
  • Can you follow the flow and use them to quickly understand the deployment combinations?
  • What's missing from these posters that would be helpful to you?
  • What other Platform Options posters would you like to see?

We would love to get your opinion. You can comment on this blog post or send more detailed feedback to


Comments (5)
  1. Dennis Gaida says:

    I especially like the make-sense workloads in the SharePoint poster. Some great examples and basis for discussion with customers. I do believe the second workload "Public-facing Internet Site + Windows Azure AD for Customer authentication" is perfectly
    valid for a custom developed Internet, however in the picture it’s talking about a "SharePoint Farm". Without a lot of configuration I believe it is rather hard to just spin up new SharePoint instances (web frontend/application server) which automatically
    joins to the existing farm, is at the same patch/update level as the rest of the farm and added to the load balancer. So it IS a use-case, but I imagine it being really hard and complicated to configure "scaling up the farm" when the load is high.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @Alex: The Exchange one is in the works. We plan to release it soon and will announce it here.

  3. Alex K says:

    Awesome posters, well done. How about Exchange 2013?

  4. Brenda says:

    Hi moontear, we do have some guidance published for the Internet site scenario. We plan to add instructions on setting up the zones and authentication, sites, and cross-site publishing. Take a look at what we have published and let me know if you have feedback.

  5. Brenda says:

    The 2nd half of this SPC 14 presentation is about configuring Internet sites with SharePoint in Azure.

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