Thanks for the membership applications!

Wow!  THANK YOU! To everyone who has joined the Solutions Advisory Board.  To date we have received and accepted over 300 membership applications from people around the globe.  Clearly cross-product solutions is a hot topic!

Joe and I are planning the first by-invitation-only Solution Discussion for January 2014.  For this first one, we want to make a general presentation of the solutions that have already been published and to solicit feedback on them and on what you would like to see developed and published. 

We will post links to them here on this blog about a week beforehand so that folks have time to review them.

The SAB train is rolling, are you on it?  join us, email  ==>

Best regards


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  1. C:>Marius says:

    Chris – been a pleasure meeting you guys and sharing these insights with the audience! Thank you for the great work!

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