New Operations Manager 2007 Knowledge Base articles for 12-14 through 12-20

Just an FYI that I posted the new System Center Operations Manager 2007 KB articles on our new OperationsMgr blog: Enjoy! J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer


OpsMgr by Example: Agent Deployment using ConfigMgr

Looks like there’s a new installment in the OpsMgr by Example series over at and this time they take a look at deploying agents using ConfigMgr 2007.  I have the intro and a direct link below: ======== We return to our OpsMgr by Example series with a discussion of deploying the OpsMgr Agent. Scenario:…


New Knowledge Base articles for 12-7 through 12-13

For the week of 12-7 through 12-13 we had three new Knowledge Base articles: Two on OpsMgr 2007 and one on ConfigMgr 2007.  Links and titles are below: ======== You cannot change the alert resolution state of any alert in the Active Alerts view in System Center Operations Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 Sys…


OpsMgr 2007: How to make ACS work on port other then the default

  Here’s an interesting tip sent to me by Milan Jajal on how to make ACS work on a port other than the default.  I don’t know how often something like this would be necessary but just in case you need it here are the steps: ======== Below are the changes that need to be…


OpsMgr 2007: How to identify what scripts are running on the agents, including frequency and parameters

Here’s another interesting one for you.  What I wanted was a way to track what scripts are executed by the Operations Manager Agent on a box as this would help in fine tuning some of the rules/monitors which were configured to run very frequently.  In MOM 2005 we had a ScriptDebugging option which logged all…


New Knowledge Base articles for 11-30 through 12-6

For the week of 11-30 through 12-6 we had four new Knowledge Base articles.  Links and titles are below: ======== Error message when you install the Inventory Tool for Dell Update (ITDU) on an SMS 2003 site server after July 1, 2008: “The Sync task failed to download content from source location” The…


OpsMgr 2007: How to make your Reporting install a success

The MOMTeam blog just posted a great list of prerequisites that will help ensure that Reporting installs successfully.  Before you install Reporting you’ll want to give this a quick read: ======== Detailed below are some validation steps that should be completed before attempting to install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting. During this installation, you are prompted…


New and updated Knowledge Base articles for 11-23 through 11-29

For the week of 11-23 through 11-29 we had five updated and two new Knowledge Base articles on everything from SMS 2.0 to Configuration Manager 2007.  Links and titles are below: ======== Sys Mgmt Svr 2.0 SP2 EN 273476 – SMS: Buffer Overrun Problem in Several Network Monitor Parsers Published – Updated Sys Mgmt Svr…