The database discovery scripts (DiscoverSQL200*DB.vbs) fail on SQL servers with DBs larger than 32GB in the 6.0.6441.0 version of the SQL MP

In case you missed it, The MOM team announced a new issue they’ve discovered.  Apparently the database discovery scripts can fail on a system that has a DB that is larger than 32GB.  I posted the description of the issue and a link below: ======== Issue: We’ve recently become aware of an issue with the…


OpsMgr 2007: The AD and DHCP Management Packs have been updated

We had a couple new Management Pack updates released last Friday, one for the Active Directory Management and the other for the DHCP Management Pack.  Windows Server 2008 is now supported for each.  More information and download details can be found here. Enjoy! J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer


OpsMgr 2007: A custom linked report Management Pack sample

Over on Steve Rachui’s Manageability blog he posted a great sample showing how to build an MP containing linked reports.  Below is an excerpt but you can read his entire post here. ======== I’ve seen several posts on various forums where folks are looking for samples showing how to build an MP containing linked reports. …


Modifying the frequency and threshold of Exchange MP disk monitoring

I want to highlight an issue with the Exchange 2007 Management Pack (MP) in terms of disk monitoring that we see every now and then. Essentially the MP looks at all disks and generates alerts if any of the disks are low on space.  The only problem is that there’s no alert suppression and it…


OpsMgr 2007: Operations Manager 2007 Receives Community Award

Looks like OpsMgr 2007 won another award.  This time, Paul Ross over on the System Center Team Blog talks about how OpsMgr 2007 won the Gold Award for Exchange Server Monitoring Tool: ======== I’m pleased to announce that System Center Operations Manager 2007 has received another award – this time from SQL Server Magazine Editors’…


MOM 2005: Event Error 25117 on MOM server if using DPM 2007 MP

We’ve been kind of ConfigMgr/SMS heavy lately so I thought maybe we’d do a couple posts on MOM/OpsMgr to try to even things out a little.  Today is a troubleshooting tip for MOM 2005 from Milan Jajal: ======== Issue: After importing the Data Protection Manager 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005, you may not getlerted…


OpsMgr 2007: Updated BizTalk Server Management Pack for Operations Manager

Looks like the updated MP for Biztalk is now live in the catalog.  We’re now at version 6.0.6411.0 and changes include: Addressed an issue where discovery was not fully working when host instances had multiple parent hosts. Addressed an issue where discovery was not fully working on systems using a locale other than US-English. Removed…


OpsMgr 2007: DFS Management Pack Generates Bogus DFS Link Monitor Alerts

Here’s an interesting Operations Manager tip that comes from Michael Sadoff, a real life Support Escalation Engineer from Charlotte, North Carolina.  If you’re running the DFS Management Pack and getting some false-positives then you’ll want to check this out: ======== Issue: When you using the Microsoft Windows Server DFS 2003 Management Pack in System Center…


MOM 2005: ADMP for MOM 2005 version 1.1 is now available on the download center

Just a quick FYI that the ADMP for MOM 2005 version 1.1 is now available on the download center.  The major improvements in the new version of the ADMP are described briefly in the table below: Improvement Short Description Windows Server 2008 discovery for full Domain Controllers (DC) and Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC) Discover the following objects…