OpsMgr 2007: Viewing Alert and Event data generates HTTP 401 error if using an account beginning with "!"

Here’s an interesting Operations Manager issue I came across today.  If you happen to have accounts beginning with an exclamation mark (!) then you might want to check this out before firing up the OpsMgr console: ======== Issue: When using the Operations Manager 2007 console on a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 computer, if…


OpsMgr 2007: R2 beta is now available

Just in case you missed it, the folks on the System Center blog announced that the OpsMgr 2007 R2 beta is now available for download.  For details on what’s new and how to get it see http://blogs.technet.com/systemcenter/archive/2008/11/20/operations-manager-2007-r2-beta-now-available.aspx. J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer


The System Center Mobile Device Manager Support Team blog is now live

Just a quick FYI that we’ve launched a new MDM specific blog covering the same kind of news and support information you see here.  On the blog we’ll be covering some of the new support issues we come across as well as any news relating to the product that we think you might be interested…


ConfigMgr 2007: OS Deployment of Windows Vista/Server 2008 ends up on D: instead of C:

Here’s an interesting OSD related issue I got from Vinay Pamnani, a Support Engineer in our Manageability group.  If all your Vista or Win2K8 deployments mysteriously end up on the D drive then maybe this is your issue: ======== Issue: When deploying Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 via OSD, the installed operating system shows…


OpsMgr 2007: The DBCreatewizard utility fails with a BadImageformatException when run on a 64-bit OS

I’m going through a couple older issues and posting the resolutions just in case one of you happen to see the same thing.  The first regards running DBCreateWizard on a 64-bit OS: ======== Issue: The DBCreatewizard utility fails with BadImageformatException when run on a 64-bit OS: System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Mom.UI.Wrappers, Version=6.0.4900.0,…


OpsMgr 2007: Reporting console returns error "Client found response content type of ‘text/html’, but expected ‘text/xml’"

Here’s an interesting one I came across that I think you’ll find interesting.  This one covers a message you may get if you’re using the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003: ======== Issue: When you open the System Center Operations Manager 2007 reporting console you may get the below error. System.InvalidOperationException: Client found response content…


ConfigMgr 2007: Status Message 2407 in SMS_SQL_MONITOR after upgrade from SMS 2003

Today’s tip comes from a Ryan Anderson, a Senior Support Escalation Engineer in our Texas office.  If you’re getting 2407’s after an upgrade to System Center Configuration Manager 2007 then Ryan may have your solution: ======== Issue: After upgrading from SMS 2003 SP2 or SP3 to the Select version of Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, you…


ConfigMgr 2007: PC does not join the domain if the Computers container is specified as the Domain OU

Here’s another cool OSD tip from Frank Rojas.  If your clients are joining the domain like you expect then maybe this is what you’re running into: ======== Issue: A client does not join the domain if the Computers container is specified as the Domain OU in the "Apply Network Settings" task of a Task Sequence…


Didn’t pass that Microsoft Certification exam? Get a free second shot

Just an FYI that Microsoft is offering a free second chance to pass that Microsoft Certification exam as well as a 25% discount on an additional exam.  You better hurry though as you have to sign up by December 31st.  ======== Second Shot now gives you two incentives to get certified! In the real world,…