OpsMgr 2007: Custom alert view with Rules and Monitors does not work as expected

Today's System Center Operations Manager 2007 tip comes from Milan Jajal, one of our top OpsMgr support engineers.  If you created a custom alert view to show only new alerts but you're seeing closed ones too then this may be your issue:


Issue: When you create a new custom alert view to display alerts "created by specific sources"  and "with specific resolution state" the view may not show expected results.  This can occur when you select both Rules and Monitors for "created by specific sources".  For example, when both Rules and Monitors are specified for "created by specific sources" and for "with specific resolution state" you select the criteria of "Not Equals 255" (which means show only New alerts and not closed alerts), it may show both new and closed alerts.

Cause: This is a known issue and is currently being investigated.

Resolution: The recommended workaround is to use only Rules or Monitors under "created by specific sources" while creating the custom alerts view, especially when you are combining with other filter criteria like "with specific resolution state".  Under "created by specific sources" if you select only Rules, this view works fine, and  if under "created by specific sources" you select only Monitors, this view works fine.


More information will be posted here as it is available.

Thanks Milan!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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