ConfigMgr 2007: Client installation fails with "Unable to compile the file ccmclasses.mof"

Today's tip comes from Vinay Pamnani, a Support Engineer in our System Center Configuration Manager 2007 group.  I didn't see a whole lot documented on these error codes so if you're seeing a 8004402F or a 80041010 then you might want to check where your temp variables are pointing:


Issue: Installing the client seems to fail either using push install or manual install and you find the following in the ccmsetup.log:

MSI: Setup was unable to compile the file ccmclasses.mof
The error code is 8004402F ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)
MSI: Action 10:36:17: Rollback. Rolling back action: ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)
MSI: Warning 25002. Failed to delete
CCM_Service_ErrorHandlerRegistration.Clsid="{0F95BCE5-2209-488a-B4BC-4396AD233C8D}" from CCM
The error code is 80041010 ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)
Installation failed with error code 1603 ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)

You may also see the following in mofcomp.log:

<day> <date> <time> : Parsing MOF file:
(day> <date> <time> 2008.6050109) : (1): error SYNTAX 0X8004402f: Error creating temporary file

Cause: This can occur if WMI is unable to access the TEMP and/or TMP location, either because of permissions or because the path is invalid.

Resolution: In our case, these variables were set to %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp.  To resolve the issue we changed the variable to point to C:\Windows\Temp.  Once we did this the client installation completed successfully.


Thanks Vinay!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    J.C. Hornbeck tells why… Today&#39;s tip comes from Vinay Pamnani, a Support Engineer in our System Center

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  3. Bart Billiet says:

    Thanks! Worked out fine for me!

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