OpsMgr 2007: My Log File Viewer Utility

Below is a small utility I wrote that I think you may find helpful.  This is a small utility that can be used to view Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 Server/Agent Event Logs on a remote computer.  For example, this could be a computer at a remote location or one that does not have the OpsMgr 2007 Agent or Server Installed.

There have been a number of ways we've tried to get around this issue, such as opening the event logs on the computer which actually has the Sever or Agent installed, or if it’s a remote computer without any OpsMgr components installed we could install the agent, but one of the issues with that is once you install the OpsMgr Agent you might not be able to parse events related to below components:

  • DataAccessLayer

  • OpsMgr Config Service

  • Opsmgr Root Connector

  • Opsmgr SDK Client

  • Opsmgr SDK Service

Now with this utility you can view and parse these saved event logs from within Event Viewer by opening the logs under the Operations Manager tree once the utility is installed.  I have tested this with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 but keep in mind that this is not an official Microsoft tool and just something that I created for my own personal use.  As such, Microsoft makes no warranties or guarantee's regarding the applicability of this utility, nor does Microsoft support the use of this tool in any way. This is just one of those 'use at your own risk' type of things that hopefully you'll find helpful.

Jeevan Bisht | Manageability Technical Lead


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