ConfigMgr 2007: Asset Intelligence Whitepaper

This has been out for a couple weeks but people are having a hard time finding it so I thought I'd post a link here.  Just in case you're not familiar with Asset Intelligence, here is some cool marketing type verbiage that may help explain it:


Asset Intelligence lets IT administrators define, track and proactively manage conformity with configuration standards. After collecting usage data from Configuration Manager clients, administrators can use different features to view the data, including collections, queries, and reporting. This data, combined with data from software inventory, can assist in determining:

• How many copies of a particular software program have been deployed across the organization and among those computers, how many users actually run the program.

• How many licenses of a particular software program are need to purchase when renewing license agreements with software vendor.

• Whether any users are still running a particular software program. If the program is not being used, an organization might consider retiring the program.

• Which times of the day a software program is most frequently used.

Further, IT administrators can easily track Windows Server and Exchange CAL usage. Integration with online functionality provides catalog updates, proactive industry alerts, and comparative reporting for MVLS customers that shows licenses utilized versus licenses purchased.


To download the whitepaper see:

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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