OpsMgr 2007: AD_Replication_Monitoring.vbs (From Active Directory Management Pack) fails

We've had a couple calls on this so I thought I'd send out a heads up just in case you run into it:


Problem: The AD_Replication_Monitoring.vbs script from the Active Directory Management pack may fail to run and an alert similar to below may appear in the Operations Manager Console:

Alert Properties
The process started at <hh:mm:ss> failed to create
System.PropertyBagData. Errors found in output:
C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service
State\Monitoring Host Temporary Files 13\268\AD_Replication_Monitoring.vbs (64, 1)
VBScript runtime error: Permission denied Command executed:
"C:\WINNT\system32\cscript.exe" //nologo "C:\Program Files\System Center Operations
Manager 2007\Health Service State\Monitoring Host Temporary
<hostname.domain.com><NetBios><hostname.domain.com> 15 5 24 false true 6 300 true
24 {GUID} Working Directory: C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager
2007\Health Service State\Monitoring Host Temporary Files\13\268\ One or more
were affected by this. Workflow name:
AD_Replication_Monitoring.PerformanceCollection_3 Instance name: <NetBios> Instance
ID: <GUID> Management group <Management Group Name>

Here is the critical part of the VBScript:
Dim sStateValuePath
sStateValuePath= "HKLM\" & oAPI.GetScriptStateKeyPath(oParams(12))
' Registry Path to share data across scripts
Dim REG_Key
REG_Key = sStateValuePath & "\AD Management Pack\AD Replication Monitoring"
Later in the script, the following Sub writes to the key:
Sub SetData(strKey, strData)
' Purpose: To store data in a varset. If the key exists then the data
' associated with that key is replaced, otherwise the key/data
' combination is added to the varset.
' Arguments: strKey, the key of the line to replace
' strData, the data to associate with the key
' Returns: Nothing
If IsNull(oReg) Then
Set oReg = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
End If
Call oReg.RegWrite(REG_Key & "\" & strKey , strData )
End Sub

Cause: The problem occurs if the account running the script does not have the necessary permissions to READ/WRITE to the registry key above.  If this happens the script will fail as there is no error handling in the script. As documented in the AD Management Pack Guide, a low privilege user can be used, however it does not state that they need access to write to this registry key.


  1. Run Process Monitor and then launch the script manually from a CMD prompt.

  2. Evaluate the Process Monitor Log for somthing similar to:

  3. 12574 12:24.4 cscript.exe 4860 RegOpenKey HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations
    8398-1801674531-494020 ACCESS DENIED

  4. Give the Action Account Modify (READ/WRITE) permissions to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager.

Once you do this you should be good to go.  Special thanks to Michael Sadoff for helping track this one down.

Frank Novak | Manageability Support Engineer

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