ConfigMgr 2007: Client push installation method in a workgroup

Here's another one that pops up again and again so I wanted to post a quick note on it.  Many people fight the issue of getting client push installations to work for ConfigMgr 2007 clients in a workgroup environment only to find out hours or days later that it's just not supported.  It's kind of easy to see why because this little nugget is buried pretty deep at but if you look hard enough you'll see that it says:

"The client push installation method is not supported for workgroup client installation."

So now hopefully if you find yourself in this position you won't waste too much time trying to figure out why it's not working.  In addition, here are the other support limitations you run into when operating in a workgroup environment:

  • Workgroup clients cannot reference Configuration Manager 2007 objects published to Active Directory Domain Services. For workgroup clients to locate their default management point computer, it must be registered and accessible to workgroup clients in either WINS or DNS.
  • Active Directory system, user, or user group discovery is not possible.
  • User targeted advertisements are not possible.
  • The client push installation method is not supported for workgroup client installation.
  • Using a workgroup client as a branch distribution point is not supported. Configuration Manager 2007 requires that branch distribution point computers be members of a domain.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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