Microsoft IT’s OpsMgr 2007 Deployment: The OpsDB

Over on the MOMTeam blog Cory Delamarter posted a great write-up on Microsoft IT's deployment of System Center Operations Manager 2007.  He used to work in Microsoft It and has a tremendous amount of experience deploying this product.  If you're looking for some insight into how we here at Microsoft do things then you'll definitely want to give this a quick read:


I will be progressively moving these posts over from my previous blog from when I worked for Microsoft IT.  The information is somewhat dated, but I didn't want to see the content disappear completely :).  You can think of this as a “snapshot in time” supplement to the Implementing System Center Operations Manager 2007 at Microsoft white paper.

If you’re reading this series of posts to help make procurement decisions and want even more detail I suggest checking out the following resources:


Following is the average scale of one of Microsoft IT's OpsMgr 2007 management groups, and should be used as a point of reference for any performance figures provided in this series of posts:

  • Agents: 3500
  • Alerts per day: 3500
  • Events per day: 453,000
  • Perf Samples per day: 16.3 million

To continue reading see Microsoft IT's OpsMgr 2007 Deployment: The OpsDB on the MOMTeam blog.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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