Last Reminder: Internet Explorer 7 to be distributed via WSUS on February 12, 2008

OK, this is your last reminder so if this applies to you take note  I already sent this out a couple times before so I'm sure you're getting tired of seeing it, I just don't want to hear the ole "nobody told me about this" refrain if something unintended happens on the 12th:


Since the date is getting closer I wanted to send a quick reminder about Internet Explorer 7 being distributed via WSUS in a couple weeks.  I blogged on this once before and we have a KB article (946202) that we recently published that describes the issue but you'll want to check out the original post for all the details.  Basically the issue is that if you use WSUS to manage updates in your organization then depending on how you have it configured, you may need to take some action to ensure you end up with the version of Internet Explorer you really want 

See for more information.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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