ConfigMgr 2007: Configuring Wake On LAN

We get a few questions about Wake On LAN (WOL) every now and then so if this is something you're looking at implementing then here are a few tips and links to get you headed in the right direction.

So why do I care about Wake On LAN?  WOL allows you to configure scheduled Configuration Manager 2007 activities to take place outside business hours by automatically waking up selected computers at the appropriate time.  The main benefits include:

  • Helps to achieve a higher success rate for Configuration Manager activities.
  • Reduces the associated network traffic during business hours.
  • Helps to conserve power by not requiring computers to be left on outside business hours.

Sounds cool enough, but if you're still wondering how this can benefit you, we have some example scenarios that should help make the benefits more obvious:  The answers to just about any question you have should be somewhere on our TechNet site but here's a quick Q&A to get you started:

1. Which server role sends the Wake On LAN magic packet to the target prior to a software distribution?
A. Each site must be independently configured for Wake On LAN , using either unicast or subnet-directed broadcast as the transmission method. Wake-up packets are sent from the primary site server to computers assigned to its site.

2. What are the prerequisites for Wake On LAN?
A. Dependencies External to Configuration Manager 2007:
- Network cards must support the standard magic packet format.
- Computers must be configured for wake-up packets on the network card and in the computer BIOS.
- If you are using Wake On LAN with subnet-directed broadcast, all routers between the site server and target computers must allow IP directed broadcasts, and support IPv4.

ConfigMgr 2007 Dependencies:
- Hardware inventory must be enabled, and completed an inventory schedule.
- The Configuration Manager site must be a primary site.
- Client computers must be running the Configuration Manager 2007 client.

Source: Prerequisites for Wake On LAN

3. How do I enable or disable Wake On LAN for a Site?
A. Enabling Wake On LAN in Configuration Manager 2007 allows the primary site server to send wake-up packets for the following Configuration Manager activities:

- Software update deployments
- Software distribution advertisements
- Task sequence advertisements

Before you can enable these activities for Wake On LAN, you must enable the site for Wake On LAN.

To prevent the site server sending wake-up packets, disable the site for Wake On LAN.

To enable or disable the site the Wake On LAN, follow this procedure.

To enable or disable Wake on LAN for a site:
In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management.

Right-click <site code> - <site name> and then click Properties.

On the Wake On LAN tab in the site properties dialog box, select the option Enable Wake On LAN for this site.

Click OK.

Source: How to Enable or Disable Wake On LAN for a site

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