OpsMgr 2007: Override Explorer

The issue of overrides in System Center Operations Manager 2007 can really cause you a lot of grief if you somehow get them misconfigured.  This is an issue that's been covered pretty well in the past but I wanted to send this out again in case some of you missed it or in case you're experiencing problems where you're not getting the data you expect and can't remember the name of that cool tool or PS command that will easily show you all of the overrides on your server.  Boris Yanushpolsky on our OpsMgr 2007 product team made a tool to display overrides in Ops Mgr 2007 and you can use it to easily browse overrides based on type or computer. The original blog and the tool can be found here.

Now if you don't want to rely on a tool, or if you want to incorporate this information into some sort of script, you can always get the same information using the ultra-cool PowerShell and this nifty command:

get-managementpack | get-override

I hope you never get into trouble with conflicting overrides but if you do, now you have some tools to help you get everything straightened out.

J.C. Hornbeck

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