SoftGrid: Setting up an Application Virtualization Server in Secure Mode

I know this is technically the "SMS and MOM" blog but we do a lot of work with SoftGrid, especially now that SCCM and SoftGrid will be so closely integrated, so every once in a while I may post some SoftGrid stuff here.  I'll try to appended 'SoftGrid' to the title so you can easily skip it if you're not interested in Microsoft Application Virtualization (what we're now calling SoftGrid).

So to get back on topic, my buddy Gene posted a really cool write up on how to use standard X.509 V3 certificates to secure a SoftGrid 4.5 server over on the SoftGrid team blog.  The intro is below with a link to the entire post at the bottom:


Hi Everyone!  My name is Gene Ferioli and I am a Senior Program Manager on the SoftGr......  Errrr.. I mean Microsoft Application Virtualization Product Team.  We, the Engineering team, are VERY proud to have released the 4.5 beta which is the official first Microsoft "branded" version of the Application Virtualization product since the acquisition of Softricity back in July 2006.

Going forward, we're hoping you'll find this blog useful as our goal is to communicate information on the new features/functions we've added in the 4.5 release.

Today, I'm going to blog on how to setup a Application Virtualization server in "Secure Mode".  Essentially, "Secure Mode" is enabling the Transport Layer Security (TLS) feature so clients connecting to the AppVirt Servers do so in a "secure" manner.  We've made some changes in the 4.5 release as we've ripped out our old TLS implementation and are now using Microsoft's SChannel.  This means you can use standard X.509 V3 certificates!!!!

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J.C. Hornbeck

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