Released: Windows DNS 2000, 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007


This MP is designed to be used for monitoring DNS 2000 or DNS 2003 events, collecting DNS component-specific performance counters in one central location, and for raising alerts for operator intervention as necessary. By detecting, sending alerts, and automatically responding to critical events, this Management Pack helps indicate, correct, and prevent possible service outages or configuration problems, allowing you to proactively manage DNS and identify issues before they become critical.

Requires OpsMgr 2007 MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility MP Update 6.0.5000.12 (or higher)

Feature Bullet Summary:
DNS 2000/2003 management pack enables you to:
1. Monitor the health and availability of the DNS components.
2. Collect key performance data for DNS.
3. Start common tasks in context of Operations Manager alerts.
4. Monitor overall health through state view for DNS computers.

Management Pack Release History:
09-13-2007 - Initial Release for OpsMgr 2007 - Version 6.0.5000.0


J.C. Hornbeck

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