New Configuration Manager Web Forums

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Configuration Manager Forums off of the Configuration Manager TechCenter on TechNet!

ConfigMgr TechCenter Community Page: (

This is the next generation of web based customer interaction and will eventually replace the aging NNTP based SMS Newsgroups. The TechNet forums are very similar to other web based forums you might be familiar with, plus they now offer a user ranking system and are indexed by all of the popular search engines.

With the addition of these initial forums the “Configuration Manager Community” becomes more interactive and a great resource for people to post questions and get replies from experienced community members as well as Microsoft employees.

We are staring with 12 initial forums that are mapped to the most common product features but more forums may be added as demand and activity increase.

The key to a successful community is in the participation. This is why I am calling on all SMS, Configuration Manager and Asset Intelligence Veterans and champs to monitor and interact in this new environment.

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    New Configuration Manager Web Forums “This is the next generation of web based customer interaction

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