SMS 2003 SP3 May Revert ITMU Reports to Pre ITMU v3 Report Versions

Updated 5-8-2007

The KB is now live and communicates the needed information better than this quick posting did. 

Please reference the following information and KB regarding this issue.



If you have ITMU v3 installed on your SMS server and are installing SMS 2003 SP3, you must do one of the following to prevent some ITMU specific reports from returning no data:


  • Re-compile the ITMU v3 definition file

  • Rerun the ITMU v3 installation file to repair itself


For more information, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

(937098) Some ITMU revision 3 reports contain no data after you upgrade to Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 3





Previous posting:



SMS 2003 SP3 upgrades may regress ITMU related reporting structures resulting in zero records being returned for Software Update Compliance reports.  (Number of Records: 0)


A KB article is pending and will be released once completed.  The KB number assigned is KB 937098.

This issue can be quickly resolved by reapplying the ITMU installation from the ITMU V3 source files provided with SMS 2003 SP3, which will update the reports back to the correct v3 versions.




·     After installing ITMU v3 on SMS 2003 and then upgrading to SMS 2003 SP3, some ITMU specific reports fail to return expected data.

·     When present this problem may be seen in Software Update – Compliance reports such as “Software updates for a specific computer” where the number of records returned equals 0 (zero). 



·     The report definition in SMS 2003 SP3 is older than the ITMU v3 version.   ITMU v3 contains an updated report definition for the ITMU reports. When you apply SMS 2003 SP3, the ITMU v3 reports definition is overwritten by SMS 2003 SP3.



·     To resolve this issue reapply the ITMU rev3.  This may be executed from the Service Pack 3 folder labeled SCANTOOLS from the extracted SP3 source files. This will restore the functional Reporting structures leaving existing Packages and advertisements and information intact (Unchanged).

·     The executable is named smsitmu.msi.


 More Information

·         If you install a fresh SMS 2003 SP3 site, and then apply ITMU V3, this problem does not occur.


·     To identify this problem you may check the SQL query for report "Computers where a specific software update is applicable". 

o   You can see it is using v_gs_patchstatus and v_applicableupdatessummary in SQL statement. 

o   The correct views should be v_gs_patchstatusex v_applicableupdatessummaryex. 

o   The same problem happens for all other reports which use v_gs_patchstatusex v_applicableupdatessummaryex.


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