Virtual Server 2005 R2 Management Pack Refresh

The Virtual Server 2005 R2  Management pack is due to be refreshed (not an update) very shortly. The Release and Update History on the download page will show the most recent date (I'll guess at 2/19/2007).

 Why the refrsh?  A problem existed, documented in where the report.xml will fail to import against SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 (SSRS) . The refreshed version contains an updated report XML file which will successfully import on SSRS 2000 & 2005.

A secondary issue has also been fixed where the report datasources were not in tact after the import.

The version of the MP remains the same 05.0.4000.0000 and there are no updates to the Management Pack AKM file itself.

One Management pack report discussed in KB919598 does remain outstanding. This is the Exchange 2003 MP report.  An updated Exchange 2003 MP is expected to be released shortly. I will blog the details here when the release is imminent.

 Clive Eastwood - System Center Operations Manager Supportability Program Manager

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