OpsMgr 2007: Renaming computers on which OpsMgr roles are installed

We’ve been getting some calls here and there on this so I wanted to send out a quick clarification regarding official support for renaming computers on which System Center Operations Manager 2007 roles are installed.  The short answer is that we don’t.  Microsoft does not support renaming of computers on which OpsMgr 2007 roles are…


OpsMgr 2007: Checking to see if a process has restarted

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who was trying to troubleshoot a custom process and he wanted to know if there was any way to track how many times it restarts using OpsMgr 2007.  It seems the process would randomly terminate without throwing any error at all and as a workaround it…


New Knowledge Base articles for 12-2 through 12-8

In an odd twist of fate we don’t have any new Knowledge Base articles that posted during this week so my list is empty.  You may think it’s kind of strange to post about not having anything to post about but I didn’t want anyone to think I forgot.  I promise we do have a…


ConfigMgr 2007: International Client Packs Now Available

International Client Packs (ICPs) contain international-language clients to use with System Center Configuration Manager (SC Config Mgr) 2007. ICP downloads contain only the Config Mgr client files, not the English-language SC Config Mgr 2007, which is required. To read more and to download the International Client Packs see http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9DF19109-C067-46C7-89F6-1B3D17D6F615&displaylang=en J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer


ConfigMgr 2007: Latest Additions to the Product Documentation

The product documentation for System Center Operations Manager 2007 continues to grow and evolve so if you haven’t taken a look in a month or two then you might be surprised to find there’s some cool new stuff out there.  Here are the documents that have published since November 1, 2007: ====== Description: This guide…


OpsMgr 2007: Operations Manager 2007 SP1 RC Upgrade Guide

Looking to upgrade from Operations Manager 2007 to Operations Manager 2007 Service Pack 1?  If so then the Operations Manager 2007 SP1 RC Upgrade Guide is where you want to start.  We document this on the TechCenter site but here’s a quick intro and the order or operations: ====== [This topic is pre-release documentation and…


TechNet Webcast: Asset Intelligence (Level 300)

This has already come and gone but you can view it any time online or listen to it as a Podcast.  If you’re interested in Asset Intelligence but don’t know much about the details, this is a good place to start: ====== Language(s): English. Product(s): System Center. Audience(s): IT Professionals. Duration: 60 Minutes Start Date:…


ConfigMgr 2007: Configuring Wake On LAN

We get a few questions about Wake On LAN (WOL) every now and then so if this is something you’re looking at implementing then here are a few tips and links to get you headed in the right direction. So why do I care about Wake On LAN?  WOL allows you to configure scheduled Configuration…


OpsMgr 2007: More on the Action Account

A couple days ago I wrote about the Action Account Tool that can be used to view and manipulate the action account in System Center Operations Manager 2007 and I wanted to follow up today with a little more information about the account, what it does and how to work with it.  Well, I guess I can’t…


Coming Soon: Asset Intelligence 1.5

This is kind of old but I want to make sure that Asset Intelligence doesn’t fall under anyone’s radar.  Most of the Asset Intelligence stuff first shows up in our “Configuration Manager – Asset Intelligence” TechNet forum posted by our very own Dan Boldo, Senior Program Manager for the System Center Asset & License Management…