The ITMU Revision 3 has Released!

On November 2nd the pending ITMU Update noted in KB 926464 was released to the web.  This is critical update for our SMS customers for many reasons and it is highly recommended that our customers migrate to this new version as soon as possible.   The update to the ITMU not only improves scan performance over some recently realized improvements, but by the early next year the current CAB file structure will no longer be sufficient to contain all of the patch data needed to keep your systems patched. 


Please note that at the time this blog is being written KB 926464 has not yet been updated with this information but that is expected sometime soon.  In place of rehashing all the details which are provided via our Technet pages and the Tool’s Download page, my aim is to spread the word about this great update, and get you to the basic information and links to be successful in migrating to it.


Please download the new version here.


Resources to get you up and running with the new tool:

Technet Links regarding the new Tool:

What’s New in the Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates Revision 3:
http://wwwppe/technet/downloads/sms/2003/tools/itmurev3.mspx (new page)

SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates:

http://wwwppe/technet/downloads/sms/2003/tools/msupdates.mspx (updated page)


If you’re running SMS 2003 SP2 you should have the Prerequisites needed to install and use the ITMU update in place.  If you’re running SMS 2003 SP1 and cannot yet upgrade to SP2, the following should be noted:

1.    The new tool requires the Advanced Client and SMS 2003 SP1.

2.    If you’re currently running SMS 2003 SP1 I would recommend moving to SP2 however if that is not possible yet, please review the prerequisites found in the Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates Pre-Installation Guide.  You can also learn more here.  These are not new for the ITMU revision 3, but the same prerequisites which existed for previous versions of the ITMU.


If you would like more information on this or have questions about this update please let us know! 

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