Workaround for those with MOM Service startup issues after installation of Windows Server Base OS MP 05.0.3500.0000

Per my previous post the regarding the withdrawal of the Windows Server Base OS MP. If you have installed the MP, and are experiencing issues with the MOM service failing to start at boot I can offer the following workaround other than having to reinstall the previous version of the management pack. The following six rules if disabled should prevent this problem occurring, if you can dispense with the lack of monitoring of Volume Shadow Copy and Share creation/deletion monitoring.

Path = Microsoft Windows Servers Base Operating System\Windows 2003\Local Storage\Shadow Copies for Shared Folders\
Filter: Do not insert internal Management Pack events into MOM database
Shadow copy creation detected

Path = Microsoft Windows Servers Base Operating System\Windows 2003\Remote File Sharing\Shared Folders(SMB)\
Filter:Do not insert internal WMI Share CreateInstance events into the MOM Database.
Server Message Block: Shared resource creation detected
Filter:Do not insert internal WMI Share DeleteInstance events into the MOM Database
Server Message Block: Deletion of a shared resource detected

Hopefully this may provide some relief to those waiting on a re-release of the MP. When I have more information on a timescale for the re-release I'll post again.

 Please comment if you do/do not find this workaround successful.

 Clive Eastwood

Supportability Program Manager (Microsoft Operations Manager)

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    For those with a long memory, you may recall the Server Base OS MP 05.0.3500.0000 was withdrawn last

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have tested this workaround on 3 servers and it solved the problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have successfully fixed issues for a client experiencing this problem as well. Thanks for posting!

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