Top MOM Issues from Microsoft Support (Q4 Data)

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For today's post, we wanted to review our top call generators and areas of high customer pain in the MOM space.  The data we will be using is the final Q4 case data (April-June).  During this time period, our top 3 areas were Reporting Server, MOM Agent issues, and Management Server.  We will break each area down and provide links to appropriate documentation that you can consult prior to calling in to Microsoft Support if you run into problems in these areas.


Reporting Server 


This has been at the top of the list of MOM support issues for some time.  Most issues in this area fall into two buckets:  DTS Jobs Fail or Reporting Installation problems.


DTS Jobs Fail:  In this area, most issues are around the DW dB and/or the dB log running out of disk space due to the volume of DTS data.  There are several excellent resources which will help you if you run into a problem.


·         How to Troubleshoot DTS and Database Sizing issues in MOM 2005 Reporting (KB899158).

·         MOM Reporting Database Grooming Settings Tool.  SCDWGroomsettings is an unsupported utility that will allow modification of the groom retention days for the System Center Reporting database via a UI.  You can get it here.



Reporting Installation:  Most of these issues seem to be caused by prerequisites not being met prior to installing MOM Reporting. 


·         Installation issues that you may experience when you try to install Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 (KB920215)

·         How to move Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Reporting together with the MOM Reporting database to a different computer (KB922332)



MOM Agent


Issues running the MOM agent generally fall into firewall problems and 3rd party software.


MOM Agents and Firewalls:  There is currently a KB article in progress to address issues running MOM agents on an ISA Server. In the meantime, we do have several solid resources for working with Agents and firewalls:


·         Troubleshoot MOM 2005 Agent Installation

·         The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 agent does not install on computers that are running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) (KB885726)

·         MOM Remote Pre-requisite Checker: Check if the required services and ports are allowed to push an agent or run discovery with this stand alone utility (from the MOM Resource Kit)



3rd Party Products:  We sometimes run into issues with 3rd party products and the MOM Agent.  Here is an article to consult:


·         Event 21246 is logged on an agent computer, and you receive an error message in the Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Operator Console (KB891605)



Management Server


The high pain around MOM and Management Server are mostly code defects caused by issues getting MOM and SQL 2005 to work.  There is also a code defect for incoming queue backlogs that has been resolved via a hotfix.


MOM and SQL 2005:

·         How to install Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Service Pack 1 databases and MOM 2005 Reporting on a computer that has Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed (KB918481)

·         The MOM 2005 Service Pack 1 operational database and Reporting data warehouse now support SQL Server 2005 (KB917615)

·         Error message when you use SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services or SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services to generate HTML reports in Microsoft Operations Manager 2005: “There is an error in XML document” (KB915785)


Incoming Queue Backlogs:

·         Incoming queue backlogs become larger than you expect if you use performance counters on a Microsoft Operations Manager 2005-based server (KB904944)

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