My name is Britten Martin.  I am team manager within Microsoft's Product Support Services.  I work within the Manageability specialty in Enterprise Product Support.  In Manageability, we support Systems Management Server (SMS), Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), and all of the feature pack and management pack add-ons.


Within Manageability support, we hold regular "Red Zone" meetings which discuss top customer issues, emerging issues, new products, new content, and new bugs.  The goal of these calls is to get our support engineers up-to-speed on the issues and also review the data to pass to the Product Teams for changes in the current and future versions of our products.


This blog will share our top issues along with how a user would go about fixing the issues.  We will also share links to new content, information on upcoming products, and other information that may be useful when working with SMS and MOM.


We welcome your feedback!

Comments (2)

  1. rodtrent says:

    Great to see this web blog starting up!  We’ll (the Systems Management community at myITforum.com) be watching you.  đź™‚

    It seems that a new Sys Mgmt web blog from Microsoft starts up periodically, the bloggers are gung-ho about it, but then the posts start dropping off after the first couple months.

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