Troubleshooting SMS Advanced Client install issues

SMS Advanced Client push installation consists of three main phases. Loosely, these consist of: Pre-installation phase – The SMS Client Configuration Manager connects to the target client and verifies he client’s operating system and client information. The client installation source files are copied, and then the Setup process downloads the SMS core components to the client…


Recent SMS Support Issues in the Knowledge Base

Today I’d like to bring you attention to three recently released Knowledge Base articles which address some common issues SMS support has seen as of late.   The first involves the Patchinstall.exe program and how it may be successfully invoked.  This article should help you spot a potential incorrect call of Patchinstall.exe which results in…


MP to SQL Connectivity

A common issue PSS has seen for SMS 2003 is a failure of one or more Servers to connect and authenticate to the SQL Server and Database.   There are varied causes for this problem not limited to the following common sources as detailed in KB 832109: ·         The Management Point does not have correct…


The recent DHCP Management pack release 05.0.3500.0000 has a problem

The latest DHCP Management Pack release (version 05.0.3500.0000, released 10/27) for MOM 2005 SP1 has an issue when imported on a management server where no previous version of the MP exists. When one of the State alerts (‘The DHCP Scope is running low or out of available Addresses’ or ‘The DHCP Superscope is running low…


The ITMU Revision 3 has Released!

On November 2nd the pending ITMU Update noted in KB 926464 was released to the web.  This is critical update for our SMS customers for many reasons and it is highly recommended that our customers migrate to this new version as soon as possible.   The update to the ITMU not only improves scan performance over…


ITMU or MBSA 2.0 may incorrectly detect MS04-025

MS04-025 is an older security fix which has been superseded by MS06-013, but the scan tools may still detect MS04-025 as missing after MS06-013 has been applied. The Security team will be pulling the MS04-025 update from November 14th release of WSUSSCAN.CAB which should work around the issue. 


Microsoft Windows Updates and Scan Performance

This blog has seen a fair amount of activity regarding the ITMU/CPU scan issue recently surfaced for SMS 2003 which caused CPU stalls and performance issues.  Two distinct issues have been confused into what has often been viewed as a single problem and which has further been confused by what should be an expected CPU…


Workaround for those with MOM Service startup issues after installation of Windows Server Base OS MP 05.0.3500.0000

Per my previous post the regarding the withdrawal of the Windows Server Base OS MP. If you have installed the MP, and are experiencing issues with the MOM service failing to start at boot I can offer the following workaround other than having to reinstall the previous version of the management pack. The following six…


MOM 2005 Base OS Management Pack version 05.0.3500.0000 has been withdrawn due to technical issues

The Base Operating System Management Pack (05.0.3500.0000) released to a few weeks ago has been temporarily withdrawn due to technical issues currently being investigated. The former version of the Management Pack is available on the link until such time as the MP is re-released.  Issue Details: If you have installed the 05.0.3500.0000 version of the…


Update: 9-27-2006: Performance issues when SMS Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU)

(The original blog on this topic is here) Recently KB 924148 has been updated with relevant information regarding this problem.  The guidance provided by this KB is current and should address the issues associated with CPU performance consuming the client system during ITMU scans.  The new .CAB provided that is already posted has addressed the…