HKT x Office 365 商業雲端方案

中小企好多時都唔會有專人負責 IT 方面嘅支援,遇到問題需要聯絡不同供應商,過程比較煩複。而家「HKT x Office 365 商業雲端方案」就為中小企提供一站式解決方案,協助中小企以經濟實惠的價格,處理 IT 嘅疑問,增强競爭力。

Microsoft Teams:新一代通訊工具!

新世代的企業衍生許多不同的工作模式,要切合這些新型態,提升團隊生產力,企業內使用的溝通聯繫軟件擔當了重要的角色。你希望使用一個讓團隊合作無間的網上溝通平台嗎?Microsoft Teams,讓你可以與團隊進行多元化對話,同時完美配合Microsoft Office 365的其他功能,賦予用家更大的協作能力。

Business Email Solution — what a new business needs to know

A small investment in a business email account can be the difference between success and failure for your new business. Yet, for many businesses, finding the right enterprise email provider isn’t top of mind. Most people think email is just a given—it is free, after all, so why not just set up a simple email account, like “” While free email accounts are great for personal use, the lack of a proper business email solution could sneak up on you as your company starts to scale.

雲端在何處? 你選用Office 365的10個理由

雲端服務當然方便,但當你將公司的商業資訊放上雲端時,對雲端嘅安全性你又知幾多?除了安全性,㨂辦公室軟件服務仲有乜野要注意?就等我們告訴你Office 365的優勝之處!