HR Tech 如何幫助業務發展?

HR-Tech...Taboo of Yesterday or a Cure for Now?

Threat of data leakage,  privacy of staff info,  cyber hostility, cost of new technology etc.  have always been utmost concerns of HR while in path  for adoption of new techs, new systems, new methods and in many cases, being stoppers to move on further.

While looking at the world news today or even among other departments / colleagues  in the same organization, new techs has become the bread-and-butter of their day to day operation-  use of chat-bot in customer hotlines; insurance company uses artificial intelligence to process claims (Fukoku Mutual Life); salesmen update CRM logs via their own mobile devices;  merchandiser uses  predictive analytics in resources planning etc..

Ironically, we have been managing the most invaluable  asset of the organization, HR seems to have been left out in this revolution while To stay, or To Outrun the Rest Depends Entirely on Our own Choice — It is ready, easy to deploy & affordable!

Learn how your business can benefit from workflow driven HR software today!



Date : 30 June, 2017 (Friday)
Time :  2:30pm—5:00pm  (Registration start at 2:00pm)
Venue :   Microsoft Hong Kong Office,   15/F  Cyberport 2
100 Cyberport Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong SAR
Language :   English mainly

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