Sys Ctr 2012 ConfigMgr: Mobile Device Installation

During the past week I was working on one of my favorite customers and have one really good request, setup and configure Mobile Devices in Configuration Manager for that reason I decide to create this blog post and video to show how to perform this action and of course as my memory extension. Yes I’m getting old I know I know, lets start the process.


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In this blog I will describe how to Configure your Site Server for Mobile devices and what are the pre-requirements that need to be done for this to work.


1. Requirements:

To be able to enroll mobile devices into Configuration Manager there are a few things that need to be configured before you go to the next steps, on this part you will have some link references to configure those requirements before the Mobile Device is enrolled and available on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.


Figure 1.0 Certificate Template on Certificate Authority.

In Order to perform the site server configuration we need to create a few certificates for this mobile devices.

Once you configure the certificate for mobile devices and have them ready for Configuration Manager the next steps will be to configure the site server, make sure that you perform the steps of creating the certificate before going to the next steps.

2. Site Server Configuration:

Now that you have the requirements ready for you to start configuring your mobile devices the next steps will be to configure the roles in ConfigMgr, to do this you have to add Enrollment Point and Enrollment proxy point role to your primary site or a primary site site system. Please note that this roles wont work on a secondary site server.


Figure 2.0 Enrollment Point and Enrollment proxy point roles configured on the site server.

There are about 10 steps to follow in order to have the site server configure, make sure you understand each of the steps and that you perform the task that came with them.

Part of the 10 steps is to configure client settings, you can do this by modifying the default client settings like it shows on figure 2.1.


Figure 2.1 Configure Default the Client Settings for Mobile Devices.


Figure 2.2 Enrollment Profile in Client Settings.

On the Figure 2.2 you see how you need to configure the Mobile Device Client setting and also how to create your enrollment profile for those mobile devices.

3. Client Enrollment

Now that you have configure your site server to enroll mobile devices the next step is to enroll this mobile devices into Configuration Manager, the first step is make sure the device is connected into your corp network and that you can access the url for the enrollment. On my lab I configure it as as you can see on Figure 3.0


Figure 3.0 Enrollment site to use on Enrollment Devices.

For this blog post I created a Windows XP Virtual Machine and install Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator, you can download this from the following link.

Once I configure My Mobile Device Emulator I enroll them with Configuration Manager to be manage.


Figure 3.1 Windows Mobile Enrolled with Configuration Manager 2012.



Figure 3.2 Mobile Device Reported into ConfigMgr

4. Deploy Windows Mobile App

Finally to test the Mobile Devices that I enroll in ConfigMgr, I decide to deploy a sample application to test them out, you need to create the application on the Software Library and specify the cab file you want to deploy.


Figure 4.0 Bing on Windows Mobile.



The process to Configure the Mobile Devices is a process that need to be review and ensure that all the necessary steps are taken into consideration, including the certificate creation and the enrollment of those devices.

Thank You

Santos Martinez - Premier Field Engineer - SMS/ConfigMgr/SQL

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