Guest Blog: What Does Your Business Name Say?

By: Kirk Deis

“Before you create any more great content, figure out how you’re going to market it first.”—Joe Pulizzi & Newt Barrett, authors of Get Content Get Customers

Most newbie business owners don’t make it past the first year and the lucky few who do fight for every dollar they make. They often survive by promotional marketing. Some take out ads in the Pennysaver; some blow up Facebook feeds with deals; some people even spend thousands of dollars on their business name.

Why anyone would spend that much money on a name escapes me, but there is something to be said for putting thought into a name. After all, your business name is your first impression you make on your clients. When you’re figuring out how to market your business, the name is where you start—it forces you to decide the core of your business.

And isn’t the same true of product names?

If you have the right marketing and sales team pushing your company, you can overcome just about any generic business or product name. With that said, generating the right name will make your life as a product marketing manager much easier.

How do you know if you have the right name?

Ultimately you want a business name that will stand the test of time. You want it to be both meaningful and unique: meaningful, so people associate it with what you can do; and unique, so you can get the URL and trademark.

Consider the following when naming. You want to your name to be…

  • Memorable

  • Relevant

  • Creative

  • Catchy

  • Fun

Ideally you want your business or product name to resonate with your buyers. Is your company fun? Do you have job titles like “Chief Fun Officer” and “Customer Motivator”? If you’re a creative firm, be creative. If you’re an accounting firm, you want to sound accurate instead of creative. (“We can be creative with your books but you’re the one who goes to jail.”) Don’t have a fun name if you’re targeting “un-fun” buyers.

Getting a Name that Works

Everyone knows Google and Yahoo – they’re giants.  But there are so many names out there that are not as common but just as effective.  Take a look at CLEANAFORNIA.  It’s a play on “clean” and “California.”  Just by looking at that name what does it tell you?

They’re located in California and offer a cleaning service.  It covers everything we were talking about. 

What if you feel the name you have just isn’t there yet and you’re not in a position to spend thousands of dollars. What does one do?

Try a Free Naming Generator

So you’re hesitant about spending money on a name.  Biz Name Wiz has a Free Naming Generator that was a top naming tool on Google for years. (Did I mention it’s FREE?) Here’s how it works. Go to Business Name Generator with some buzz words, type them in the naming generator and in a flash it creates OVER 50 names.

Hire an Expert

The downside to using software is it doesn’t understand the human emotion you want to convey.  That’s what great about Biz Name Wiz they have a team of magazine writers, poets, screenwriters, etc.  They ask questions to understand your vision.  They’ve come up with over 10, 000 names and counting.  Names like:  PRAZZLE, ROCKMATIC, and CLEANAFORNIA. 

What does your business name say?

The bottom line—if your business name says nothing, you have issues. Creating the right business name will make you money. This is branding 101.


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Kirk Deis Bio:

Kirk came into this world telling stories and knocking out pages with words. He’s a D.I.Y. King, Bazinga Jedi, and a Netflix addict. His journey led him to blogging and writing for various online publications and ultimately to a lead creative writer position at business naming agency Biz Name Wiz.

About Biz Name Wiz has a team of creative naming wizards made up of copywriters, magazine writers, poets, screenwriters, creative minds, authors, you name it. You tell Biz Name Wiz your company’s vision and we’ll deliver a perfect business name within two days. Our staff has worked with clients in over 20 countries, creating over 10, 000 names and counting.

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