Guest Blog: Busting Some Common Cloud Myths

When discussing cloud technology (and we are not talking cumulonimbus here) many people will look at you puzzled and say that it is not for them or their business. So much so, that cloud has remained a mystery to so many and few are aware how deep the technology is embedded in our online culture.

But what is cloud computing? Well, it is not a computer programme… nor is it a storage device. It is in fact, a series of virtual servers rather than physical hardware. This means they servers can be modified with great ease and without the need to change physical technology. 

The term cloud was made popular by marketers trying to sell hosting services to business. A Virtual Private Server with a hosting company gives the impression of a dedicated hardware server when in fact it is, obviously, a virtual server on a hard drive, but with all the customisable features of a physical device. To switch to cloud based technology companies, such as, can help make the switch easy for your business.

Cloud is here to stay and so much more than you might think. Got a Facebook account? Well, if you have, then you are one of the 1.1 billion users who access the popular website which is based upon cloud technology. Have you ever ordered a book, CD or anything from Amazon? Again, the popular online bookstore uses cloud technology to store your financial data.

As with so many of the major online players who use cloud to store your emails, your photographs and even your financial information… the web going public are so often unaware of its use.

Cloud computing still holds a mystique about it, so much so that many are not sure what it is, let alone how it works. Furthermore, even less are aware that they are probably using cloud technology to access this article right now.

Despite the extent to which cloud computing is used by the big names in the dot com world, such as Amazon and Gmail, small business take up of cloud services is not high. This could be, in part, to many of the myths that have built up around the technology, myths that deserve to be busted.

Big Business

It is a common misconception that cloud is designed for big business only, when in fact it is a great lever for small business and means they can compete with their big business counterparts.


For some reason, a myth arose that cloud is so wide spread and uncontrollable that if you use the technology and have a problem you won’t be able to get support for your problem. This is really not the case as most good providers offer a dedicated support team for those new to cloud technology.


Again, a common myth with Cloud technology is that your data is not secure. When asked about security, many people expressed concern at storing their important data online using cloud technology. However, there is no reason whatsoever to have concerns as online security is second to none and in all reality your data is likely more safe than on your own computer.

So, there you have it, cloud technology is not a mystery at all but simply a series of virtual hardware devices that can be customised on the fly, so to speak. As such, the advantages of using this technology far out way the traditional
storage methods of the past and your small or medium sized business can now compete with big business if you make the move to cloud technology now.

With a passion for sharing business related topics, Stefan Loewer is a skilled business consultant and loves to write about his experiences.

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