Guest Post: How to Lead a Rewarding Conference Call?

How to Lead a Rewarding Conference Call?

Communication is a big word that entails great responsibility. It is the means by which two or more people acquaint and relate to one another - a tool so essential that people cannot survive without it. In the same sense, good communication is vital to any business. Not one business can stand on its own without garnering the help of partners, clients, and investors.  It is crucial, therefore, that business owners give their best effort in establishing their company’s network and relationships.

Business travels are not the newest means to meet with others that operate in the same industry. However, constant travels can be a burden that strains the mental, emotional, and physical prowess of the employee. This can lead to poor performance during meetings and other relevant endeavours. For this very reason, conference calling became a staple in business communication.

Web Meeting for Professionals

Conference calling is accomplished with the use of modern tools like computers, mobile phones, headsets, microphones, web cameras, and software applications. Through the superior use of this technology and making use of conference calling services, people are empowered to communicate through the worldwide web and accomplish their objectives without having to step out of their work place. Businessmen have the option of hosting web meetings through the use of plain audio services or web cameras. Such virtual interactions give people the advantage of saving time, energy, and money without sacrificing their work performance.

Nevertheless, hosting a call is never a walk in the park. Adequate preparation has to be made and setting the right expectations is one of them. For those who are looking forward to organising their first conference call, you can use this article as your personal guide to making it as rewarding as possible both for you and the participants.

Guidelines for Beginners

Set the right expectations – If you create a picture of conference calling in your head that is far flung from reality, you are sure to suffer from disappointments. Let’s clarify the common misconception that many people suffer from.


  • The Awkward Phase – There will always be awkward phases to plague your conference calls. Remember that not all of you will be familiar with the mechanisms of this technology; hence they will need time to get used to the ambiance of virtual interaction. As a host, you have to be ready with strategies that will help you get over the awkwardness.
  • The Technical Problem – You’ll also want to have a back-up plan for this one. After all, you won’t want to dismiss the entire conference because of technical problems. This dilemma is widely experienced in web conferencing because it utilises more intricate technology that can be obstructed by unsteady internet connection, poor signal, defective software, and whatnot. Audio conferencing is a good alternative if ever you can no longer support visual aid through web cameras. Better still, hire a conference call provider and have them send you a live facilitator to oversee the technical details of the call. While free conference call solution provides excellent services, it pays to have experts help you in this regard.
  • The Hectic Calendar – perhaps one of the biggest challenges of conference calling is getting every participant to agree on a certain date and time. It is normal for your schedules to clash and therefore hinder you from settling on anything permanent. Be ready to make last minute changes and push through regardless of the hindrances.


Practice Guarantees Improvement – once you have determined the software application, the external devices, and the other necessary details to operate a conference call, you will have to practice navigating it on your own. Being capable of utilising it without the help of experts will be to your advantage especially when emergency conferences have to be made. Discover which methods sit more comfortably with your style and which methods your partners and clients prefer.

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