Guest Blog: Why use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business?


One thing’s for sure, in order for SMEs to continue their growth and maximise productivity and profitability, they need to be utilising a top class CRM system. There are a few out there on the market, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular - for good reason. So what exactly are the benefits of implementing a Microsoft Dynamic CRM solution in your business? Here, we’ve put together a list of the five best features that represent this
superb tool.

1. Integration.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has some unbeatable integration functions, especially together with other Microsoft tools. Office is often one of the most popular and used products, and Dynamics CRM offers seamless integration. This tool also provides easy integration with SharePoint - another brilliantly flexible collaborative solution for enterprises of all size and shape. 

2. Sales & Marketing

With an easy-to-use interface, your sales team will enjoy optimised performance on the road or in the office. Sales force automation vitally shortens sales cycles and improves the sales team’s knowledge and understanding of prospects and clients. This means more conversions from prospect to sale. The monitoring of marketing campaigns is another benefit of CRM, and Dynamics offers effective campaign management and measurement of essential analytics that will really make a positive difference to marketing focus.

3. Apps & Community

Dynamics CRM has a vibrant and energetic app marketplace. Here you can find a huge variety of regulated top quality apps and services created by reputable partners. These can help you develop and tailor your CRM into something that perfectly suits your business and your needs. With over 2 million active users, there is a strong community of support for Dynamics CRM customers, and it is a community that stretches across the world in over 80

4. Customer Service Benefits

As with all CRM solutions, customer service is at the forefront of core functionality. By recording all communication with existing customers and logging responses and issues in a comprehensive application, it allows the customer service team to stay on top of accounts and to respond in the best way possible to meet customer and client needs. Integration with tools such as Outlook really helps with the customer service side of CRM, and Dynamics provides this and more.

5. Cloud or on-Premise

This flexibility is essential in the modern business world. Locating your CRM on the cloud gives all sorts of benefits, including the ability to access the system remotely. Although cloud solutions are becoming increasingly safe, with security always a priority, many businesses prefer to keep systems inaccessible from outside business premises. Both of these options are available to SMEs using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a lot of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Owners of SMEs are becoming more aware of the value that CRM has in managing and growing a business, and Microsoft are continuously developing their products to offer enterprise solutions that comprehensively answer business issues.

Marc is Managing Director of RibbonFish, a London-based IT consultancy that develop SharePoint solutions, CRM, and business systems using various Microsoft technologies. Marc enjoys blogging about the RibbonFish areas of expertise such as CRM, SharePoint and web development, as well as the latest business IT & tech trends.

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