Startups can benefit from home working

For many people starting a small business, home working can have major advantages, it has been claimed.

Speaking to the Guardian Professional, Hilary Humphrey, director at Seofon Business Services, said working from home was a simple way to get her company up and running.

She claimed it has been much cheaper to start a business without the overheads associated with commercial premises.

"I've been able to use equipment I already have rather than purchasing new office items," she told the news provider.

"Also, I've been able to keep on top of household tasks at the same time as running the business."

Ms Humphrey's comments were echoed by another entrepreneur, Lyndsey Haskell, the owner of garden retail site What You Sow.

She told the Guardian that starting her company was a stressful experience, which meant working a significant number of hours.

However, Ms Haskell claimed the flexibility of running a business from home allows her to plan her time and get enough exercise "to counteract the hours perched in front of the computer".

"I was able to attend the quiet early morning yoga classes, take breaks to sit and think creatively, and pause for many rounds of hula hooping or serious stretching - poses I'd never have dared let my office colleagues see," she stated.

"And instead of having to lobby an employer for a supportive chair, I just went and bought one."

Small and medium-sized business owners are very much their own boss - they make the decisions relating to strategy, the place of employment and the hours they work.

This allows people to balance their career with their family life more effectively, and ensure one does not serve to the detriment of the other.

The use of technology solutions is helping an increasing number of people start their own business from home.

With cloud-based solutions such as Office 365 available to entrepreneurs, there is no longer any need to spend thousands on small business IT solutions.

Technology allows small enterprises to trade, market themselves and communicate over the internet, and take advantage of remote collaboration mobile working opportunities.

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