Guest Blog: Social Media Strategy – Tips

As with anything in business having a strategy is imperative to your success. This applies to Social Media as well.

A great tip for any business intending to undertake a Social Media campaign is to think about what they wish to achieve from it. Techtivate believe that selecting a tailored strategy plan will make best use of your businesses decision to implement Social Media networking.

Any organisation should know why they intend to work on Social Media. Whether it is Route 1, 2 or 3. All are tailored to their individual function/s. If your specific reason for investing/starting Social Media isn’t listed individually then this could be because you intend to enter 2 or more routes we have advised.

We advise all our customers to develop something completely unique about their brand that will captivate their target audience. Having a USP (Unique Selling Point) will always allow for consumer/customer engagement. Our tip to small businesses is that they should follow at least one of the Social Media routes below:

Route 1 (Start up based):

1. Secure your brand (including usernames etc..)
2. Set your metric
3. Know who you are
4. Determine where to build Satellite Communities
5. Create rules for engagement
6. Engage, genuinely.
7. Assess your success

Route 2 (Customer Engagement based):

1. Secure your brand (including usernames etc..)
2. Increase brand awareness via the social media networks you may select
3. Post/update accounts around twice per day to gauge an initial feedback from the updates
4. Establish whether you are targeting the right audience? If so continue with the updates; if not it’s time to expand to your selected audience
5. Create engaging update that your target market will be interested in. This can be done in a number of ways:
6. See how successful your selection of ‘a-f’ and continue to remind customers of your brand
7. Review your success

Route 3(Customer Feedback based):

1. Build an base
2. Listen/Compare/contrast
3. What’s the Point?
4. Select Success Metrics
5. Analyze Your Audiences
6. What’s Your One Thing?
7. How Will You Be Human?
8. Create a Channel Plan

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