Mobile broadband coverage improving in the UK

UK employees will have access to improved mobile broadband services from this year.

The recent iPass Mobile Workforce Report contained some interesting findings - shedding further light on the way employees are using smart connected devices.

Employees appear keen to harness the power of smartphones, tablets and dongles to get online on the move, but in some instances, they need to be better supported in doing so.

iPass found that more than half of all survey respondents have experienced problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks in key locations such as airports and hotels.

And others feel as if they have been charged too much to access wireless networks - something which may have impacted on their level of usage.

With the launch of 4G networks in the UK - a number of providers are set to introduce super-fast mobile services in 2013 - things could get easier for mobile workers.

Not only should they have access to faster download speeds on their mobile devices, but coverage levels are increasing too.

One of the internet service providers set to launch super-fast mobile broadband - O2 - is required to offer 98 per cent coverage across Britain.

And this means there will be fewer locations where employees are unable to take advantage of mobile broadband.

The result, for those equipped with the necessary tools - such as Office 365 access - should theoretically be higher productivity.

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