Productivity solutions support mobile working

Cloud-based productivity solutions enable employees to work more flexibly and better meet the needs of customers.

In today's digital world, it is more important than ever for business leaders and employees to be on the pulse. Companies have diverse customer bases, comprising of people from various corners of the globe, each with their own individual needs and
expectations. In order to deliver great customer service, it is becoming increasingly important for firms to operate 24/7, and for their people to be available as and when clients require.

Whether businesses are dealing with domestic customers, or those based in a different time zone, accessibility is a key issue. Customers expect firms to respond to their enquiries quickly, and often in real-time - and this means businesses need their employees to be available. This is impacting on the way many organisations operate and the way their people work.

Rather than simply working a nine-till-five shift, Monday to Friday, many employees are customising their day to add flexibility and agility. Should they be required for a conference call in the early morning or during the evening, staff are using technology to make themselves available. And should an imminent deadline require weekend working, the same solutions are making it easier for people to work without sacrificing their personal and leisure time.

The difference for workers today is that, through cloud computing, they have the ability to work productively away from the office. The advent of smartphones, tablets and other mobile working solutions means staff can work from any location with a reliable internet connection - whether it is in the home, the train, a hotel room, café or restaurant.

This makes it more viable for employees to take client calls or answer emails outside of normal working hours. They do not need to be physically present in the office to do their job - meaning they can satisfy the needs of their customers without overly impacting on their work-life balance.

Cloud-based productivity solutions can also help employees work more productively during their normal working hours. If they are called away to a meeting, or find themselves caught in traffic during the commute, staff members can get on with
their work remotely. They are able to access files, documents and software solutions online via a mobile device, and use what would have been 'dead time' away from the office to be productive.

The pursuit of higher employee productivity and better customer services is encouraging more businesses to invest in Office 365. The software suite - available in the cloud - is designed to support employees regardless of their location or means
of accessing the web. Office 365 equips workers with integrated, always-available communication and collaboration solutions, helping to reduce costs and enable workers to perform to the best of their ability.



Posted by Alex Boardman

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